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In the Shadow of the "Status Quo", land preserves in Area C are being stolen away

In the shadow of the "status quo", the Arabs of Judea and Samaria continue to take over Area C. Without sovereignty, the land is slipping away and being stolen from us.

The Sovereignty Movement's warnings about Israel's lack of action because of the absence of sovereignty and in light of what is happening in Area C in the shadow of the "status quo" have received more concerning confirmation: The Palestinian Authority is extending its jurisdiction over preserves in Area C, an area where it has no authority, and erases Jewish history of archaeological sites from its internet site. This was reported by the newspaper Israel Hayom (Feb. 19, 2019).
Thus, for example, the Palestinian Authority recently placed a large sign on the Nahal Arugot Preserve in east Gush Etzion, declaring the place to be the nature preserve "Al-Kanub". The sign names the European Union and the UN as sponsors. And this phenomenon is occurring in other nature preserves in Judea and Samaria.
At the same time, in an internet site called "Mahmiyat" ("Preserves" in Arabic) established by the PA, there is an interactive map detailing interesting archaeological sites to visit in Judea and Samaria. The archaeological sites contain historical information about the site but the Jewish-biblical historical name of the sites is almost entirely omitted.
Thus, for example, on the internet page for the city of Sebastiya (Shomron), which was the capital city of the Kingdom of Israel for approximately two hundred years, and where the palace of King Ahab is located, there is no mention of this fact. It also says that in the archaeological internet site, one can read about the Old City, the Temple of Augustus, the Church of St. John, a Roman theater and forum and more.  The reference to the observation point from Har Grizim does not relate at all to the connection between the Samaritans and the People of Israel; it only mentions that the Samaritans were an ethnic minority close to Judaism.
The newspaper quotes the words of the Regavim coordinator of activities for the area of Judea and Samaria, Yishai Hemo: "It is totally clear that this is not an innocent attempt to conserve nature and the environment, but a totally political and cynical act by the Palestinian Authority, and the proof is that the preserves that are located within the area of the Palestinian Authority suffer endless harm to the environment, quarries, illegal building, polluted landfills and more".
"This is a premeditated act that seeks to erase Jewish history from the Land of the Bible", adds Hemo. "The State of Israel must tear off the mask of hypocrisy and prevent this appropriation and falsification of history".

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