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Land of Israel lovers, beware - No to the Trump Plan- Yes to True Zionist Sovereignty

miri zahi

​ Our principled and tenacious declaration must be heard: the entire Land of Israel belongs to the People of Israel and only to the People of Israel! Yes to True Zionist Sovereignty

Unity is an exalted value in life and in the history of the People of Israel. The high point for the People of Israel is the presence at Mount Sinai when the People stood as one person with one heart at the foot of the mountain.

And indeed, there is nothing as important as striving for unity among the Jewish People, especially when all the peoples of the world are coping with a crisis endangering many lives. It is vital to establish a Zionist unity government to cope properly with the crisis that is occurring throughout the world.

However, we must be careful. The aspiration for unity might blind our eyes to the existential dangers lying in wait to ambush the State of Israel. The members of the Likud negotiating team, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Minister of Tourism Yariv Levin, must not surrender to the proposed dictate, the demand that the coalition agreement  for the next government include accepting the policy outlines proposed by U.S. President Donald Trump.

While this plan does indeed allow Israel to apply her sovereignty over 30 percent  of Judea and Samaria, inherent in the agreement is the terrible and tragic de facto agreement to the establishment of an alien state in the remainder of the territory in the heart of our Land.

For years, the Sovereignty Movement has been calling for the application of Israeli sovereignty over  Judea and Samaria. This hope, which realizes the Zionist vision and the dream, rose from the People to the decision makers and from there to the government’s desk, but we cannot accept a plan that attempts to sweeten the poison pill of establishing a Palestinian state with partial sovereignty over the Jewish communities and the Jordan Valley.

Those who guard the Land of Israel must be vigilant these days of coalition negations and assure that the clauses of the American President’s plan will not  be the bridge between the Right and Left that leads to a unity government. The establishment of an alien state in our Biblical Heartland, Heaven forbid, especially a hostile, terrorist state, would be an ideological breaking point as well as a real existential danger for our future and our security. We cannot allow the Zionist ideology and the vision to depend on the expected rejection by any Arab leadership of the moment.

Our principled and tenacious declaration must be heard: the entire Land of Israel belongs to the People of Israel and only to the People of Israel!

During the present period, we, who have been striving for years to find the waters of sovereignty in the political desert, see how the vision is progressing and becoming internalized in the consciousness and deeds of politics and policy, we will not be discouraged even if the political mist that rises toward us at this stage is suffused in mud and mire. Now is the time to continue digging, deeper and with even more energy with the understanding that we are close and coming ever closer to the living water of sovereignty, which will still burst forth and emerge with the realization of the vision.

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Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar


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