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Sovereignty Newsletter #10

We are happy to present you with our 10th Sovereignty bulletin, sent to members and supporters of our Sovereignty Movement. You are invited to read, get updated and join:

Dear Friends,
Critical moments are approaching for the People of Israel and the State of Israel, regarding the future of Judea and Samaria. The American President’s political plan still has not been fully revealed to the public, or even to the public’s elected officials, yet the people in Israel are expected to take a stand on it.
This being the situation, we must again demand that the Prime Minister and the plan’s map committee reveal the details with full transparency so that we will know if we are going in the direction of Sovereignty or, Heaven forbid, the completion of the Oslo vision, the division and tearing of the Land and establishing an enemy state in the heart of our homeland.
Until then, we must declare again, from every stage, and in every way: We will support any process of sovereignty that does not entail in any way, a political plan that would end in the establishment of a Palestinian state. Such a state, Heaven forbid, would thrust a sword into the heart of the Zionist vision and the yearning of the Jewish People to return to its Land. Such a state would be an existential danger to the future of Israel. One does not make deals on one’s homeland or wrap the poison of a Palestinian state in a sugar coating of sovereignty.
Time to Mobilize- 3 Days of Reserve Duty
These days, the Land of Israel is calling upon us and we must mobilize on her behalf. We must stand strong and tell the entire world and the Israeli leadership loudly, that along with supporting the advancement of sovereignty over the Land of Israel, we will fight vigorously against the establishment of a Palestinian state.
Therefore, the members of the Sovereignty Movement, the Sovereignty Youth and those faithful to the Land of Israel will gather for three days of reserve duty, Sunday through Tuesday, June 21-23 at the Prime Minister’s Office and call out together, “Yes to sovereignty over the Land of Israel, no to Palestine!”
We will be there together with you for a joint last-minute campaign. Bring along supporters and adherents from all parts of the Land, come to Jerusalem and express, together with us, the voice of sovereignty.

To me, Sovereignty is…  

And this time, our guest columnist is Deputy Minister of Education, Member of Knesset Rav Meir Porush (Yahadut HaTorah):
“To me, sovereignty is: A member of the Council of Torah Sages, Rabbi Menahem Zamba, Hy”D defined it before the Holocaust – The Land of Israel is like a Torah Scroll, and in a Torah Scroll, even if one letter yod, the smallest letter, is missing, it is not complete and it is invalid. It is so as well for the Land of Israel – it belongs entirely to the Jewish People and it is forbidden that any part of it be lacking. This is our belief”.
Sovereignty is Cool
The Sovereignty Youth are in the midst of a campaign to mobilize youths for a number of hasbara activities that the movement will hold throughout the Land. Their latest project was to establish a Sovereignty Youth youtube channel in which they upload video clips to promote hasbara about Sovereignty.
 The youths’ activity provides a refreshing, original and creative breeze to the momentum of sovereignty and the struggle against establishing an alien state in the heart of our Land.

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