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Sovereignty Newsletter #11

miri zahi

We are happy to present you with our 11th Sovereignty bulletin, sent to members and supporters of our Sovereignty Movement. You are invited to read, get updated and join:

Dear friends,
The closer our approach to the fateful days when the government of Israel is expected to present its response to the Trump plan to the Israeli public, the more tension is growing among the public and accompanying this is our clear call to those elected representatives who love the  Land of Israel to stand strong for the territorial integrity of the Land of Israel and vigorously object to any step that includes an agreement, in principle, to recognizing an alien entity in the heart of our homeland, Heaven forbid.
Now is the time to thank and encourage the members of Knesset and ministers of the Likud who make it clear even now (maybe despite significant political and media pressures) that they will not lend their hand to dividing the Land and will oppose any step that entails negotiations to establish a Palestinian state. In this context, we also encourage Minister Tzipi Hotovely,  Minister Ofir Akunis, Coalition Head Member of Knesset Miki Zohar, Member of Knesset Shlomo Karai, Member of Knesset Michal Shir, Member of Knesset Yoav Kish and others on the right such as the members of Knesset from Yamina.
In Time of Emergency you Mobilize the Reserves
This coming Sunday, we will take a stand together with you and with many other lovers and faithful to the Land of Israel at the Prime Minister’s Office for a special tent vigil that will last for three days, with the call: ‘Yes to sovereignty over the Land of Israel, No to Palestine’.
Members of the Sovereignty Youth movement will hold various hasbara activities centering on our joint call and we will be joined by public figures, leaders in the spheres of thought and action and members of Knesset who will speak and express their total commitment to the entire Land of Israel.
Below is the program for the days of the gathering. Join us and bring others along with you. The Israeli leadership knows that the people are calling for sovereignty and oppose establishing an alien state in the heart of the Land, but they also need to see the people who are making this call, and we will certainly see and be seen.

The Journal’s Bar Mitzvah Issue
In preparation for the fateful days, the movement has published another issue, issue no. 13, of the Sovereignty Journal, which also is entitled ‘Yes to sovereignty over the Land of Israel, No to Palestine’.
Among the pages of the journal are articles and interviews of public figures, members of Knesset and leaders of the settlement revolution in Judea and Samaria from its inception until the present. They all caution against the immediate dangers of the Trump plan, for the principle of clinging to the Zionist vision, for the Jewish aspiration for sovereignty over its Land and the practical aspects of sovereignty, such as security, settlement and more.
Look for the new issue, read it and be encouraged by the results of another survey that prove the Israeli public’s support for taking steps to apply sovereignty over Judea and Samaria.
Sovereignty Issue nr 13

To me, Sovereignty is…

And this time, with Member of Knesset Matan Kahana (Yamina):
“To me, sovereignty is another level in the process of the People of Israel’s redemption. Another phase of the People of Israel’s return to its Land. Sovereignty, if it is done correctly, will bring us closer to peace and security as well”.

Praise for David
Head of YESHA Council and of the Jordan valley David Elhayani deserves special praise for his resolute stand opposing the idea of including a Palestinian state in any political plan.
Elhayani, a faithful friend of the Sovereignty Movement, attends every media, public and political forum in order to confront the decision makers with the tragic implications of the idea of a Palestinian state to the Zionist  vision and to the security of Israel’s continued existence.
David Elhayani makes these remarks despite fact that the Trump plan includes the Jordan Valley, the Council which he heads, under Israeli sovereignty. Elhayani fights the dangers of the plan and is not blinded by the fact that the status of the Jordan Valley would be fortified at the expense of other areas in the Land of Israel. His ideological view is sober and clear and for this, Elhayani deserves much praise from the public.
We will see David Elhayani, as well as other public figures, during the three-day “reserves” tent vigil for the Land of Israel that will be held starting Sunday. You should come too, express your appreciation and thanks to Elhayani and cry out, together with us, for the Land of Israel.
“The Commanders” Try to Alarm us
The leftist movement, Commanders for Israel’s Security, published to great media attention, an estimate that the cost of sovereignty would be 52 billion shekels per year, which would be a burden on Israel’s economy. An interview that was held on Arutz 7 with the head of the research team that led this survey revealed the strange method that the “Commanders’” economists used to reach these results.
It turns out that the team of economists quantified the cost of social rights of 2.5 million Arabs living in Judea and Samaria, despite the fact that no one is talking about making all of those Arabs citizens, rather, it would only be a change of status for the Jewish residents which would change from the authority of a military administration to the authority of the government offices.
Apparently, none of the team’s economists examined the costs of establishing a Palestinian state or the security preparedness against rocket fire or defense from the tunnels that would be dug from the hills of Samaria to Gush Dan, because no one asked the team to give an estimate for this. When the team leader was asked about it, he replied that he estimates that the cost would be similar to the cost for security for sovereignty, but as mentioned, no one asked for this, therefore, no one researched it.
 It seems that none of the economists examined the costs of evacuating and moving almost a half million Jewish residents (recall that the cost of evacuation from Gush Katif, where there were only a few thousand settlers, was more than then billion shekels). It turns out that here also, no one asked the team to examine the economic benefits of sovereignty, for example, the freeing of lands for building. No one asked for it, so as mentioned, no one researched it. This is how the estimate reached the dimensions that the Commanders sought to use in order to alarm the People of Israel, to frighten and divert them from the vision of sovereignty.
 It looks like someone there shot the 52 billion arrow and then made a circle around it with reasons and circumstances.

Condolences to a True Friend beyond the Sea.
The Sovereignty Movement takes part in the grief of a friend of the movement, Member of the American Congress Andy Barr from Kentucky, on the passing of this wife Carol.
Andy visited the Oz veGaon preserve last year as part of a visit organized by Ruthie Lieberman and Sarah Paley, from the Yes! Israel Project. During the visit he expressed unequivocal support for the Jewish People’s hold on the Land of Israel, for its territorial integrity and his total opposition to transferring parts of it to an alien sovereignty. The entire movement wishes to strengthen him at this difficult time and wishes him long life and continued strong friendship with the Eternal People.


Shabbat shalom,
Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar

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