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Sovereignty Newsletter #13

The Sovereignty Movement

We are happy to present you with our 13th Sovereignty bulletin, sent to members and supporters of our Sovereignty Movement. You are invited to read, get updated and join:

Dear friends,

The month of July has arrived and with it, a climax of political alertness concerning moves by the Israeli government, coordination with the U.S. and the European and Arab reactions.

 It seems that in recent weeks, just before the finish line, a turning point has been reached in internalizing the dangers of the Trump plan, and senior members of the Likud are demanding clear answers to the questions that have been raised, by us and by other good people, centering on the details and ramifications of the plan.

In light of this, a special meeting of the Likud faction was held where the Prime Minister presented some of the basic principles that he intends to uphold vis a vis the Americans, especially the statement that no agreement to recognize a Palestinian state would be brought to the government for approval, regardless of whether it would be disarmed or not. 

It was also clarified in the meeting that the Likud Movement would not accept a situation that would cause harm to the impetus of the settlement enterprise, by a building freeze or by the strangling of enclaves.

Here, we express the hope and the faith that it is indeed within the Prime Minister’s capability to stand on these additional principles and red lines that were presented. This is also the place to encourage the members of the Likud who are providing the Prime Minister with a tailwind with these statements and on the other hand,  are making it clear that they will not in any way agree to recognize a Palestinian state. 

These members of the Likud obtain the strength to make these emphatic statements from us, the citizens. Therefore, each and every one of us has an important task, which is to express his or her stand, faithful to the Land of Israel in every forum and with every opportunity. These things have an immediate power to influence the people’s elected representatives to assure that taking an ideological, political position also wins its reward and support.

Write to them, encourage them, express support on social networks and news sites, contact them and tell them that the People stands on their right guard, protecting the Land of Israel and its territorial integrity. Every such small step has a cumulative effect in the long and influential hasbara campaign to shape the character of the State of Israel. 

The list of Knesset members can be found on

Netanyahu, do not succumb to Leftist pressure 

In this spirit, we have recently set out with a campaign to strengthen the Prime Minister and this also has the motto ‘Yes to sovereignty over the Land of Israel, no to Palestine!’.

Billboards that were hung by the movement’s members carry a direct appeal to the Prime Minister: “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Be strong and of good courage! Do not be dismayed and do not fear because the Almighty is with you!”.

We felt the immediate need to embark on this campaign in light of the continued discussions between the American and Israeli teams during which, no doubt, the Prime Minister finds himself under considerable pressure. 

This pressure is added to the pressure from home, by senior members of the Blue and White party, especially Ministers Gantz and Ashkenazi, who urge him to postpone the advancement of sovereignty, to limit its scope and not to take any historic steps until European, and even Arab, agreement for the process are obtained.

In light of such a reality, we must stand behind the Prime Minister with the belief that it is within his power to utilize his special friendship with the American president and with senior members of his administration to bring to Israel a plan that is free of foreign considerations and interests, a plan that is entirely for the good of the Jewish People and one that is in accord with the vision of sovereignty and the Jewish People’s yearnings for sovereignty over its entire Land.

Online Rally for Sovereignty

Our movement took part in the online rally for Jewish  sovereignty  organized by ZOA , Americans against terrorism and others. Here is what our message was:

To me, sovereignty is…

And this time, the guest columnist is Member of Knesset Sharren Haskel (Likud):
“To me, sovereignty is justice and a realization of the Zionist idea – protecting and preserving our Land and the People of Israel, recognizing that this Land is our inheritance and preserving Israeli history and culture for future generations”.

Sovereignty Youth

As mentioned, last week we held the Sovereignty Tent Vigil, lasting three days, in front of the Prime Minister’s office. 

We put up the tent vigil together with the wonderful, pioneering and ideological folks of Sovereignty Youth. 

We would like to tell you here, about the tent vigil from the point of view of the youth who initiated and led activities for the entire three days.

During the three days of the tent vigil, the youths met with public figures, members of Knesset and intellectuals for mutual encouragement, winning much admiration for the dedication and sense of mission that the young men and women show for the realization and implementation of the vision.

The young men and women also held many social activities on the subject of sovereignty, delved into it and learning about the historical background, the meanings of sovereignty, the necessity of the vision, dealing with the challenges of sovereignty and the correct way for the youths to continue to integrate hasbara with other kinds of activities to promote the idea.

Meetings over lemonade

As part of the youth’s initiative at the tent vigil, a lemonade stand was set up with the intriguing sign asking “Where do you want to drink your lemonade next summer?”. 

The youths offered a drink to the passersby and to anyone who asked, they explained the idea behind the question: Lemonade is a summer drink and we all want to drink it in a state of calm and relaxation, but if the American president’s vision is implemented and a Palestinian state is established here, threatening the entire area of the Center with missiles from the heights of Samaria, it will no longer be possible to sit serenely on the balcony and drink our favorite cold drink…

The youths who initiated the lemonade campaign tell of great interest among the citizens who came to the tent vigil; they tell of  discussions that developed as a result of the lemonade idea and of the sense that messages were indeed conveyed, understood and internalized.

The youths tell of surprising interest even among supporters of the Left who came to the tent vigil to hear from the youths about the vision, the idea and how to deal with the challenges. 

Yair Buchnik, who lately received the reins of leadership of Sovereignty Youth, says that these meetings with leftists were conducted respectfully and attentively. “It seemed that they came to listen and not to confront us”.

Friend, do you have five minutes for sovereignty?

In this spirit of hasbara and consciousness-raising activities, the members of Sovereignty Youth embarked on a campaign to set up about 25 hasbara booths at the start of the month of July and its expected political steps.

In the booths that were set up, hasbara materials are distributed on the leading principle: ‘Yes to sovereignty, no to Palestine!’.

 The youths hold discussions and meetings with citizens from all parts of the Land and the distribution of these booths indeed prove that youths’ readiness to act encompasses every area and every city. Booths were set up in Haifa, Ashdod, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Shilat Junction, Ma’alot, Rehovot, among other places.

The youths simultaneously went to various sites throughout the Land and hung announcements and signs to promote awareness of the vision. 

Coordinators’ Shabbat

This coming Shabbat, the district coordinators of Sovereignty Youth are holding a joint Shabbat for solidarity, exchanging ideas and plans for the future, formulating and coordinating joint activity and more.

Shabbat shalom,
Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar

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