In the Absence of Sovereignty, They Are Establishing a Palestinian State Under Israel’s Nose

miri zahi

Watch this special investigative report which exposes how the Palestinian Authority is establishing a Palestinian State under the nose of the State of Israel, which is procrastinating and failing to apply sovereignty in Judea and Samaria.


This is what Israeli negligence in Judea and Samaria looks like. While the State of Israel is squandering the opportunities to apply sovereignty in Judea and Samaria, the Palestinian Authority is establishing facts on the ground, and is establishing a de facto Palestinian state. An investigative report produced jointly by the Channel 13 News and the Ad Kan organization, exposes the truth that should trouble and concern every citizen in Israel.

The European Union and the Palestinian Authority are establishing a de facto Palestinian state, by means of construction in and seizing control of territories in Area C in contravention of the Oslo Accords and without the authorization of the State of Israel. These are well-ordered plans with funding of tens of millions of euros, which were exposed by undercover Ad Kan operatives.

According to the materials that were publicized by the head of the Arab desk of the Channel 13 News, Tzvi Yehezkeli, in 2013, the European Union and the Palestinian Authority began a joint, clandestine effort to establish a terrorist state in the heartland of the State of Israel. With the help of well-conceived plans and massive funding, the plan to size control over extensive territories in Judea and Samaria was formulated. The members of the Ad Kan organization deployed male and female operatives, masquerading as Arabs, and after several months and intricate cover stories, they risked their lives and successfully infiltrated meetings with the architects of this program in the Palestinian Authority.

The initial stage of the program began with cooperation between the European Union and the Palestinian Authority. In the framework of the materials gathered, various representatives of the Palestinian Authority are seen boasting about their European support. Among other things, it was said that the European Union “supported projects with millions of euros, particularly in villages without authorized plans,” “A European Union representative said to me: Plan as though there is no occupation. Do not restrict yourself. Since then, this has become our motto.” “He said to me: Do not tell me the Jews agree or they disagree; this is your land.” “The European Union will contribute seventy per cent, and the rest will come from Arab foundations and the Palestinian Finance Ministry,” and more.

The second stage included preparation of plans to seize control of strategic areas in Judea and Samaria. In the framework of this stage, the European Union “provided backing” for extensive planning in the political sphere. According to the Palestinian Authority, “the plans connect the areas. It is no longer a local phenomenon, but rather, great and immense.” It turns out that the United Nations also took part: “The United Nations plays a significant role – the ability to enable the Palestinian planners to enter into areas that are military zones,” according to one member of the Palestinian Authority.

After the planning, came the third stage of establishing facts on the ground with the funding of the European Union. “Thanks to the European Union we are building. The occupation destroys, but we are not coordinating with the other side and are not awaiting its authorization for anything…A European Union representative came with me to a meeting at the (Civil) Administration and spoke there with representatives of the Administration in the harshest possible manner. She said to them: We will implement all the projects on behalf of the Palestinians without receiving authorization from you.”

In the fourth stage, they are seeking to sever the Jewish settlement continuum and to isolate Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria, and likewise, to connect with the bypass roads. The representatives described: “We are talking about vision…a regional plan of connecting roads. Israel considers these roads as belonging to the settlements. There are settlements between one village and another. This is the Palestinian vision for the future.” Another representative described that “there is no force in the world that can prevent me from planning Palestine: Jerusalem, the Jordan Valley, the West Bank, everything.”

According to Ad Kan, to date the European Union has invested approximately sixty-five million euros in the Palestinian land grab in Judea and Samaria.

Gilad Ach, director-general of Ad Kan, related: “The findings that we exposed indicate that in Judea and Samaria a vacuum has formed into which the European Union and the Palestinian Authority entered together. To date they have invested approximately sixty-eight million euros in seizing control of lands and they are about to invest three billion dollars on seizing control of Area C alone, which will lead to the severing of Judea and Samaria from the State of Israel and the unilateral establishment of a Palestinian state.

“Thanks to the plans and practice of the Palestinian Authority and Civil Administration that we exposed, the State of Israel can now respond to this phenomenon and put an end to it. In the guidelines of the government that will soon be established, it must be clear that the State is allocating manpower for the war against this phenomenon, establishing a specific administrative division for this issue, stopping the activity of the European Union, and removing the entire issue of land from the Civil Administration and transferring it to a designated, professional body.”

The Sovereignty Movement considers this investigative report as living, painful testimony to the urgency with which the Israeli government should and must take action in order to apply its sovereignty over Judea and Samaria. “Only sovereignty and its enforcement will lead to the abandonment of the Arab dream to establish a terrorist state in our heartland. As long as we continue to procrastinate, the Arabs of the Palestinian Authority will continue to establish political and practical facts on the ground,” they say in the movement, and add that in the face of this harsh reality developing on the ground, the leadership of the right wing has no alternative to an urgent unification in a stable, steadfast government that will promote the values of the Land of Israel, settling it, and applying sovereignty in it.”

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