​Sovereignty Conference: Lessons from Gaza, “putting an End to the Two-States Paradigm”

Meir elipur

Hundreds participated in the conference " Wake - Up Call From Gaza- Put an End to The Two State solution" and tens of thousands more watched it live. Statesmen, politicians, intellectuals and people of action presented insights and lessons about the vision of sovereignty and encouraging the voluntary emigration of Arabs in the Gaza Strip.


About a thousand people took part in the Sovereignty Movement conference in Jerusalem, where experts and public figures discussed the lessons that have been learned from the events of the 7th of October and the steps that the State of Israel must take in the future: militarily, for security, diplomatically, legally, and more. 

Among the speakers at the conference were ministers, members of Knesset, journalists, military and security personnel, jurists and more. The organizers of the conference stated: “After all the preconceptions have collapsed, it is clear to every reasonable person that the State of Israel must control Gaza after the war. The application of sovereignty in Gaza and the entire territory of the Land of Israel – Now!”

About a thousand people came today (Thursday) to the conference  of the Sovereignty Movement and the Yesha Council, which took place at the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem. The conference was entitled “A wake-up call  from Gaza, putting an end to the Two-States Paradigm” and included sessions in Hebrew and English, moderated by Moriah Kor and Yishai Fleischer. 

Among the speakers at the conference were: Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich, Minister of Intelligence Gila Gamliel, members of Knesset, military and legal experts, public figures and more.

A survey by Direct Pulse polling institute was revealed at the conference. According to the survey’s data, 74% of the citizens of Israel oppose the establishment of a Palestinian state in  Judea and Samaria, compared to only 20% that support it. 

As far as the question of encouraging the residents of Gaza to emigrate voluntarily, 76% of those asked answered that they are in favor of encouraging emigration compared with 16% that expressed their opposition. 

An interesting data point is that among voters of the National Unity Camp, 71% are in favor of encouraging voluntary emigration for the residents of Gaza and 69% oppose the establishment of a Palestinian state Judea and Samaria. 

Among the voters of Yesh Atid as well, the data were surprising – 61% favor voluntary emigration and only 24% oppose it, while 50% oppose a Palestinian state in  Judea and Samaria and only 38% are in favor.

Journalist Amit Segal interviewed Minister Bezalel Smotrich, who related to the matter of the Hague, saying that we would not transfer one shekel to the PA. “One of the most important lessons learned was that there is no difference between the Nazis of Gaza and the Nazis of Judea and Samaria. Who is behind the proceedings in the Hague? South Africa is a proxy of the PA, which cannot serve a claim itself, since it is not a state. South Africa is its emissary. It was the PA that pushed the process. And now, we are asked to transfer money to the PA. They take us to the executioner and want us to pay for it.

We will not transfer money to them; we will transfer it to developing settlement in Judea and Samaria, who are defending the Land with their bodies so that Kfar Saba will not suffer the fate of Kfar Gaza. Judea and Samaria constitute a buffer zone for Zionism and values.”

Minister of Intelligence Gila Gamliel spoke in the English session, relating to the day after the war – “Gaza is considered to be an unsolvable problem. The greatest failure was the Disengagement from Gaza. The State of Israel tried many other solutions  - but all of them failed. Gaza is a hotbed of radicalism and international community stands by and does nothing. I will make it simple – open the door! (for the Gaza refugees to leave voluntarily). No one is forcing anyone to leave, just open the door.”

Journalist Yoni Kempinski interviewed MK Simha Rothman, head of the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee, who said “We don’t have to encourage the Gazans to leave, they want to leave. It is just necessary to not cooperate with Hamas. Any state that does not allow the residents of Gaza to enter its gates is helping Hamas to use its population as human shields to imprison them there. There can be no cooperation with Hamas, which uses its population as human shields. This is the humane and ethical thing to do.”

The head of Gush Etzion Regional Council and head of the Yesha Council Shlomo Ne’eman said, “land open for negotiation is the main reason for war. As long as we continue to leave an entire tract of land under a question mark, the idea of a Palestinian state will remain on the table, the war will continue. We will win only when we say that there is no room for a foreign entity in the Land of Israel.
We must remove the question mark over our borders from the agenda. As long as we do not apply our sovereignty over the entire area of our Land, we are bequeathing war to our great grandsons and their great grandsons. The application of sovereignty will assure security for the residents of Israel and our next generation.”

The co-chairwomen of the Sovereignty Movement, Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar, stated, in the conference, that “We must enlist public opinion and provide a tailwind for  the Prime minister – Gaza is the Land of Israel. We say no to foreign control in Gaza, not with the PA and not with a renewed PA. No to a Palestinian state. The entire Land of Israel is ours, and we must apply our sovereignty over the Jordan Valley first. 
The consciousness of sovereignty was revealed in Gaza. The zionist spirit will triumph over every progressive idea. We must move on to diplomatic and practical steps. The Eternal One of Israel does not lie!”

MK Dan Illouz said, at the conference, “I have always opposed the establishment of a Palestinian state for the reasons that you are familiar with. This is not new. But to give a state to the Palestinians now is to award a prize for terror. The message will be that slaughter of Jews can bring about diplomatic achievements. This is dangerous not only for us, but for the entire free world and it is totally insane. The IDF soldiers at the moment are fighting at the front, first of all for the Jewish state, but also for all of civilization, therefore we must not weaken our opposition to the dangerous idea of a Palestinian state.”

Dror Eydar, former Israeli ambassador in Italy, said “I was with my daughters at Titus’ Gate in Rome and I told them – We defeated Titus, and " Am Yisrael Chai", the People of Israel lives, we have faith, we are an ancient people, ultimately, we will have everything and we will win. We have built things with deep roots here and we have faith.”

Winner of the Israel Prize for security, Iranian born  Eliahu Yossian called on the public to be patient and have faith in the justice of our cause. “What is the solution? There is no solution. The more Jews there are in the area, the less terror. The punishment is to take land from them. We will annex as much as possible in our time. Expulsion too – is not a dirty word. Expel as many as possible.”

In addition, participants included Dr. Yoav Sorek who spoke about the moral aspect of encouraging the Gazan population to leave , Yair Ansbacher, journalist Shalom Yerushalmi and Elhana Groner, General (res.) Gershon HaCohen, Itamar Marcus, Kobi Eliraz, MK Dan Illouz, Alex Traiman, Josh Reinstein, Prof. Eugene Kantorovich, Mark Zell, Josh Hammer, Yishai Fleischer, Jeremy Gimpel, Zvika Mor, father of the hostage Eitan Mor and more.

Photos: Meir Elipur

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