​The Ha’aretz newspaper refuses to publish an advertisement by the Sovereignty Movement against a Palestinian State

An ad by the Sovereignty Movement with data from a survey that was conducted, stating that 74% of Israeli citizens oppose the establishment of a Palestinian state – was rejected for publication in the Ha’aretz newspaper. The Sovereignty Movement: “Ha’aretz is trying to hide from its readers the awakening of Israeli citizens”.


Ha’aretz has once again refused to publish an ad by a right-wing movement. The Sovereignty Movement turned to the newspaper with a request to publish an ad this week with data from a survey that was published for them in which it is revealed that a majority of Israeli citizens oppose the creation of a Palestinian state – and were met with a refusal. 

According to a representative of the advertising department, the newspaper’s procedure is that every political ad goes directly to the editor where instructions were issued that the ad, as worded, would not be approved for publication.

In the ad that the movement sought to publish it is stated that 74% of Israelis are opposed to a Palestinian state. “The People understand that we must not agree to the idea of establishing a Palestinian state in our heartland. Hamas and the PA have the same goal: The annihilation of the State of Israel – Hamas overtly, the PA in stages”, thus it is written in the ad that was refused publication by the Ha’aretz editor.

Also, according to the survey that was conducted by the Direct Polls Survey Institute for the conference organized by the Sovereignty Movement and the Yesha Council entitled “Wake-up call from Gaza – putting an End to the Two-States Paradigm”, a mere 20% of Israeli citizens support the idea of two states, and 6% responded with “no opinion” on the matter.

“Ha’aretz is trying to hide from its readers that there has been an awakening among Israeli citizens”, say the co-chairwomen of the Sovereignty Movement, Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar, in response to the newspaper’s rejection. “That newspaper, which prides itself on freedom of expression and which gives a stage every day to dangerous ideas, firmly refuses to show that a large majority of Israeli citizens vehemently oppose the establishment of a Palestinian state in the heart of our Land. In this way it is abrogating its role as media”, say the co-chairwomen of the Sovereignty Movement.

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