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Sovereignty Newsletter #27

We are happy to present you with our Sovereignty bulletin # 27, sent to members and supporters of our Sovereignty Movement. You are invited to read, get updated, send us your comments and join:

Dear Friends,
The holidays are behind us and we are energetically preparing to return to the routine of activity to restore the vision of sovereignty to the center position in the public agenda in Israel. And this is all along with the national and international battle to halt the Corona pandemic.
The prime Minister recently ratified the progress in establishing more than two thousand residential units throughout Judea and Samaria. Our movement, welcomes this step, of course, but also notes an extremely important detail: The very necessity of the Prime Minister’s approval to allow moderate construction in Judea and Samaria is one of the serious ills caused by the lack of sovereignty.
In every other place in the state of sovereign Israel, in order to approve the building of 200 or 300 residential units, a decision by the local council in accordance with the needs and development of the population is sufficient. In Judea and Samaria, the reality is that every bit of progress in each phase of construction requires, besides the approval of the local council, a long list of approvals from the level of the Prime Minister downwards. This fact is one of the key obstacles preventing the return of the People of Israel to Judea and Samaria with pride and the confidence of a sovereign.

It is neither compensation nor a gift
Another important note regarding building permits in Judea and Samaria: Beyond the praise for progress in construction, it is important to emphasize that we cannot accept these approvals, even if there were two or three times as many, as compensation for removing sovereignty from the political agenda as part of the agreements with the United Arab Emirates.
The construction in Judea and Samaria is not compensation for certain political steps, it is not punishment for acts of terror nor a gift to the voters as a campaign promise. Construction in Judea and Samaria is the government of Israel’s right and obligation in the generation of rebirth. The cabinet ministers and the Prime Minister must see approval of construction as the historic right that has fallen to their lot and not a tool to silence right-wing voters, who are disappointed  by the broken promise of sovereignty that was given before the election.
We are grateful for the construction but we will not be dazzled by it. We will continue to demand the necessary political action and what is necessary for the future of the People of Israel and the State of Israel: full sovereignty over the People of Israel’s entire historic homeland!

Blitz campaign
In anticipation of the vote in the cabinet and the Knesset on the ratification of the agreement with the United Arab Emirates this past week, we embarked on a blitz campaign, in which we called on the ministers and members of Knesset not to allow a vote without an in-depth and serious discussion on the various clauses of the agreement.
We reached out to the ministers and members of Knesset personally and in the media with the call to demand answers from the Prime Minister and drafters of the agreement to a list of questions and issues arising from various publications on the agreement.
Among other things, we called for answers on the matter of the postponement of sovereignty, the Temple Mount and security matters such as the F-35 deal, etc.

Although the speedy campaign did not succeed, our movement views it as a historic necessity. This is how it was in the past and this is how it will also be in the future – as much as necessary.  To read the report on Arutz 7 please click here

Eartshaking post by Pinhas Inbari
Journalist, author and expert of the Middle East, works at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
posted this on his blog this morning
 Interview to El-Hure: there are secret clauses in the deal with the Emirates  and they relate to the settlements and the Temple Mount
Translated from Hebrew to English by the Sovereignty Movement:
I was interviewed tonight by Al-Hura and asked if there really are secret clauses in the peace agreement with the Emirates, and I said that I think there are such clauses, but they do not relate to the F35 deal, but to freezing the settlements and stabilizing the status quo on the Temple Mount.
I mentioned that the Emirates said that they are the ones who stopped the annexation process, and after President Trump said that there was already a map of the Palestinian state, without Netanyahu disagreeing with it, the issue of expanding the settlements was also dropped.
 And it is even more important to note that without the stabilization of the status quo on the Temple Mount in cast steel, Saudi Arabia will not enter into official peace moves. Main points of the status quo: The mosque plaza belongs to Islam, the Western Wall belongs to Judaism. Jewish and Christian tourists are allowed to come up to the Temple Mount, but prayers are not allowed, and certainly there is no permission to build a Bet Mikdash (Temple).
When I was asked why these clauses were being hidden, I replied that the Prime Minister was still considering the renewal of the "right-wing bloc", and he did not want Bennett and the settlers to know about it. The UAE takes into account the prime minister's election considerations, and did not insist on revealing the entire peace agreement in all its clauses.

Restore our judges
The legal system suffered another media and public shock this week with the revelation of the recording of the words of then State Attorney, Shai Nitsan.
No one is glad to see the legal system, which is supposed to make decisions fateful to all citizens and the entire state, in its nakedness and disgrace, but nevertheless, the reality concealed under the black robes must and should be exposed for its failures as soon as possible so that it will be possible to amend and repair them. We need a pure, straight, transparent and objective legal system. As long as it is not so, we will be exposed to embarrassing and shocking scenes from the dark places behind the scenes of the legal system.

A glance beyond the sea
The elections in the U.S. are approaching and the path leading to them is littered with polls anticipating victory for the candidate of the Democratic Party, Joe Biden.
The choice between President Trump and Biden raises complex questions. Is the Democratic candidate preferable, who would bring us back to Obama’s policies and  the consequences that were disastrous for the entire Middle East or is the preferred candidate the one who is expected to expedite the promotion of the Deal of the Century with all of its problematic clauses, viewing as a goal the establishment of a Palestinian state?
As of now, regarding the choice between the two, we don’t have much to go on except the experience of the past and this experience places President Trump as the candidate who would be better for Israel. After various and repeated broken promises by American presidents, he moved his country’s embassy to Jerusalem, recognized our sovereignty in the Golan Heights, recognized the legality of the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, blocked the flow of money from terror supporters to the PA, stopped anti-Israeli acts in the international sphere and stood up to the Iranians.
President Trump is expected to be a president who keeps a direct channel of communication with the Israeli Prime Minister and there is significant power of influence through this channel. With Trump as President, we can hope that the government of Israel will be able to explain the important and vital interests for its security and continued existence, while in the Democratic party, anti-Israel and anti-Semitic voices have ever-increasing influence.
However, we will have the task of continuing to stand as an ideological compass and remind the Israeli government, and through it, the American administration as well, of the State of Israel’s Zionist goal, of the vision that she is progressing toward and what is required by historic justice – the application of Israeli sovereignty over all parts of our Land.

While the Palestinian Authority is taking over Area C with EU money, where are you…?
A call to action published JNS by Gedaliah Blum, co-founder of the Judea & Samaria Development Group, which promotes local businesses from Judea and Samaria.

We are not letting up
Here, we again express our praise for the members of Sovereignty Youth for not being affected by any political acts. Rather, they are remaining steadfast in spirit and in their love for the Land of Israel, even, and especially, at this time.
The youth is embarking on an extensive hasbara campaign in the social networks and various media, and all the activity teams and the movement’s coordinators who head the movement activists must be praised for this work. Go for it! The people and the leadership see your blessed activism and are proud of the idealistic generation that is developing here, in a glorious way.
Arutz 7 covered their upcoming activities: Sovereignty Youth preparing for Mass outreach campaign

 Be a partner. Help them succeed in their campaign (site is in Hebrew). Please forward this link to your relatives and friends in Israel :   To support please click here 
May you be blessed
Shabbat shalom,
Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar
The Sovereignty Movement

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