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Sovereignty Newsletter #28

We are happy to present you with our Sovereignty bulletin # 28, sent to members and supporters of our Sovereignty Movement. You are invited to read, get updated, send us your comments and join:

Dear friends and partners,


These are days of great hope and fervent prayer that the directives issued and decisions taken by the Israeli government as part of the battle against Corona, together with the citizens’ taking responsibility, will indeed yield the hoped-for results and that Israel will rise to leading the battle against the virus, at least until a vaccine and treatment are found.

We must remember the great message of the battle with Corona, the message of unity and mutual responsibility. We give up some comfort, close ourselves off, distance ourselves from each other out of concern for our fellow and the general good.

There is no place for argument, left-or-right, young-or-old, immigrant-or-veteran, religious-or-secular, over this concern. We are all one people, engaged in one battle in which we have no choice but to win.

We again thank the medical teams and staff for their unlimited dedication to the health of us all. The battle fought by the nurses, the doctors, and others is not taken for granted and they must be appreciated constantly and wholeheartedly. Great job!

Committed to the Land of Israel

On Thursday, the Sovereignty Movement hosted in Oz veGaon  the Land of Israel Knesset Lobby, which held a special tour of Gush Etzion to get acquainted with the struggle over the open areas in the face of the PA's well-planned takeover plan.
Members of the Knesset expressed their loyal commitment to the realization of the vision of sovereignty and promised to continue to work to that end.
Click on the link for an extensive article and photocopied documentation from the visit

A look back at other epidemics
In the spirit of the times, we heard this week, during the lectures at Oz veGaon, the fascinating lecture of Sarah Barnea, a senior guide at the City of David who also does research on the Temple Mount, on the history of coping with epidemics in Jerusalem over the generations and you will be surprised to learn that despite the gloomy subject, you can find a reason for optimism.

When there is no sovereignty, we deal with crumbs

The reports on the approval to build 5400 housing units in Judea and Samaria by the Supreme Planning Council was received by many with great joy, and we indeed should be happy with any progress and any building, even of one housing unit, but we must hope for much more from the government of Israel.

Read the interview that the Sovereignty web site had this week with Avraham Shvut, one of the first planners of the settlement enterprise in Judea and Samaria, which relates to the disappointing (and even worse) numbers of approvals that were given.

Avraham Shvut explains the impossible situation stemming from the lack of sovereignty in Judea and Samaria, a situation in which every construction approval requires the convening of the committee, which is totally subject to political and diplomatic directives.

The very requirement for the committee to convene is evidence of limitations that prevent the development of the settlement enterprise to be like in any other place throughout the Land, where development and building that are planned according to the needs of the population and pace of expansion.

Avraham Shvut explains that if the building had progressed without the council, whose origin is the Oslo days, tens of thousands of housing units waiting in the pipeline for Judea and Samaria would have been approved after having passed the process of approval and investigation but are only awaiting the political-diplomatic decision to allow these crumbs of construction to progress from one phase to the next.

And all of this is happening while there is unrestricted illegal Arab building in Area C, well-oiled and funded with a lot of European and private money.

To read the full interview, press here

Vigilance and concern in the U.S.

In less than two weeks there will be elections for President in the U.S. and the tension is great.

Among those close to Trump there is much concern because of the ramifications of the Corona virus on the president’s chances to be re-elected.

Read and listen to the words of his advisors, the Evangelist Dr. Mike Evans, in an interview for Arutz 7, where he describes the president’s complex situation against his rival, the Democratic leader Joe Biden.

Among other things, Dr. Evans recommends that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apply sovereignty over Judea and Samaria already now, before the elections, in order to prevent the Democrats from sabotaging it in case Biden is elected as president.

“Control over parts of the Biblical Land of Israel is not something that demands an apology”, he states.

 to the article on Arutz 7


Under the radar of the media, which preferred to ignore the event, we marked this week the passing of 19 years since the murder of Rehavam Ze’evi (Gandhi), obm. The murder was purposely perpetrated against an Israeli minister who was a symbol of sovereign Israel. The bullets were aimed toward the heart of all of us.

Gandhi, who was a guide in the ways of love for the Land, planted within all of us a natural, national pride, not out of hatred of the other and not out of contempt for him, but out of the deep connection of the People of Israel to its Land.

Gandhi’s political position was based on the principle that two peoples with two contradictory national aspirations cannot dwell between the Jordan River and the sea. Between the Jordan River and the sea, only one state can exist, the State of Israel. He adhered to this principle even when they ridiculed him, even when they ostracized him, even when those around him rejoiced in vain peace celebrations. Gandhi issued warnings again and again in what turned out to be almost a prophecy.

Rehavam Gandhi’s love for the People and the Land was boundless, with unlimited willingness for sacrifice and from constant recognition and learning from every obstacle in the path. From the days of persecution to the days of the intifada, Rehavam Ze’evi knew how to erect an iron wall of security and strength against the enemy.

May his memory be blessed!

A voice is heard in Ramah

We invite you to take part, each in his own home from anywhere in the Land and abroad, in the special event that we are holding together with the newspaper Besheva next Wednesday (20:00), to note the yahrzeit of our mother Rahel.

We will stand on the way to Efrata, look around and console the mother weeping for her sons: Lift up your eyes and see the Land that was lonely and desolate when your sons went into exile, full of Jews, flourishing communities in the Land of your inheritance, kindergartens and educational institutions instilled with Torah, education and values in the third and fourth generations, growing here and even the traffic jams, which announce: We have returned home.

There is a reward for your work.

We will host the event in honor of Rahel Imeinu at the Oz veGaon preserve and will broadcast it live by Zoom.

Participating in the event will be Head of Gush Etzion Council Shlomo Ne’eman, Minister of Higher Education and Water Resources Ze’ev Elkin, Dr. Leah Goldin, MK Michal Kolter-Wensch, Raheli Frenkel, Rav Ya’akov Medan and you.

The moderator of the event will be the editor of Besheva, Dudu Saada.
The event will include the music of Mussa Berlin.

Helping the youth

The youth continues its accelerated outreach activity. The Sovereignty Youth is setting out on a hasbara campaign that they have been preparing for some time, with new hasbara materials and updates including videos, flyers, bracelets, etc. This will be accompanied by advertisements in various media.

During the preparations, the youth has discovered that without flour there is no Torah, and without  dealing with resources and raising funds, it will not be possible to disseminate the information on values, principles and the movement’s vision in particular and Zionism in general.

Therefore, together with the preparations for the campaign itself, the youth is embarking on a fund-raising campaign to raise the amount of 30,000 shekels to cover the necessary expenses.

Please join us in helping them reach this goal. Please go to the link and donate. The youth is tremendously encouraged by the tailwind that the older generation gives them.

We have no doubt that with these powers that we give them today, we will also be planting the seeds that will yield the leadership of future generations. Be part of it.

To donate, click here
For Israelis who donate in shekels and want Israeli tax deduction:
 here is the link to their campaign with a cute video and with Hebrew instructions for secure online donation:
If you prefer donating in shekels on a secure site with English instructions:
      please click here

And email us at to tell us that your donation is meant for this campaign for the youth.
 For those who want to donate in US dollars , and receive US tax deduction, donate by clicking here
And email us at to tell us that your donation is meant for this campaign for the youth.
Thank you
We wil finish with a statement by Yehoshua Henkin: "I admit and confess that my soul has always been drawn to the redemption of the entire Land in the shortest amount of time and that I have strived with all my might to turn this dream into a tangible fact. This is why I was never satisfied and never said ‘it is enough’”  (Yehoshua Henkin, redeemer of land 1864-1945)

With the blessing of the Land, Shabbat shalom
Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar



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