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ריבונות - כתב עת מדיני
​'A Palestinian State - A Deathtrap for Israel'
Anyone who has forgotten: A Palestinian state between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River endangers the State of Israel.
ריבונות - כתב עת מדיני
The B’nei Akiva Movement will Conduct a Discussion on Sovereignty
The vision of sovereignty comes to the B’nei Akiva movement, which will hold a discussion on the matter at the upcoming Policy Conference.
ריבונות - כתב עת מדיני
Jabotinsky: International law supports our proprietorship in Judea and Samaria
Researcher Ze’ev Jabotinsky: It’s very simple – International law is on the side of the settlement in Judea and Samaria and supports our sovereignty in every place we wish to plant our flag.
ריבונות - כתב עת מדיני
Bennett: There is considerable openness in the U.S. to the idea of sovereignty
Minister Bennett sums up his visit to the U.S., where he presented the vision of sovereignty to legislators and media professionals, stating: There is an openness, there is a hunger for a political alternative.
ריבונות - כתב עת מדיני
​“If there will be a Palestinian state, then only in Sinai”
Minister Gila Gamliel’s objection on principle to establishing an Arab state west of the Jordan is backed by arguments based both on historical rights and security, but lead her to present an alternative political plan for the region.
ריבונות - כתב עת מדיני
Naor the son: I am running for Knesset in order to promote sovereignty
Naftali Naor, son of the former president of the High Court, is running for Knesset on the Likud ticket. He explains: “I will promote sovereignty in Judea and Samaria”. According to him, the significance is deeper than it seems.
ריבונות - כתב עת מדיני
We are occupiers? Whose Land are we occupying?
Two experts, from the Left and from the Right, see the Balfour Declaration as the legal basis in International law for the claim that Judea and Samaria belong to the State of Israel.
ריבונות - כתב עת מדיני
​Akunis: Committed to Israel’s territorial Integrity
During his visit to Kedumim, Minister of Science Ofir Akunis again expressed his commitment to the principle of Israel’s territorial integrity.
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