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ריבונות - כתב עת מדיני
Sovereignty Honorees - Rabbi Benny Elon z"l, Minister Chaim Katz and Orit Struck
The Sovereignty Movement Awards the Sovereignty Prize at the Jerusalem conference
ריבונות - כתב עת מדיני
Netanyahu Discusses Sovereignty with the Americans
​The prime minister tells of discussions that he is having with the Americans, including on the subject of sovereignty and the historic importance of this step.
ריבונות - כתב עת מדיני
Netanyahu, Complete the Victory of the Six Day War
The heads of the Sovereignty Movement to the Prime Minister: You have the power to complete the process of sovereignty and be remembered as the leader who completed the victory of the Six Day War.
ריבונות - כתב עת מדיני
Mualem-Refaeli: Sovereignty is the Reason the Government Exists
MK Mualem-Refaeli views the implementation of the vision of sovereignty as the basis for the government’s existence. The Sovereignty Movement Praises and Encourages her.
ריבונות - כתב עת מדיני
Letter to MK Yoav Kish – may your hands be strengthened!
ריבונות - כתב עת מדיני
Akunis: Netanyahu was under pressure from Obama when he made the Bar Ilan Speech
The Minister of Science is convinced that also Netanyahu has removed the two-state idea from the political agenda and that he was under pressure from Barack Obama when he made the Bar Ilan speech.
ריבונות - כתב עת מדיני
“The Left also internalizes – Sovereignty is only a Matter of Time”
Head of the Yesha, Council Hananel Durani, MK Smotrich and economist Eran Bar Tal were the key guests of the Sovereignty Conference that was held in Petah Tikvah in the “Gula” hall. Security, international law, the status of minorities and other matters were covered. All the cards were on the table.
ריבונות - כתב עת מדיני
See the Likud members sign in favor of Sovereignty
At the Likudiada the Sovereignty booth attracted lots of attention. See the pictures.
The Sovereignty Vision
Ever-widening circles among the Israeli public see the vision of sovereignty as a feasible and essential policy objective
Bennett: We must shift from withdrawals to sovereignty
Minister Bennett, at a special faction meeting in Ma’ale Adumim: we began by applying sovereignty in the Golan Heights, we will continue in Ma’ale Adumim and then the other parts of our land.
Application of sovereignty – an economic bonus
The application of Israeli sovereignty in Judea and Samaria has enormous economic significance that both the Left and the Right can connect to.
Occupied territories? This idea has no legal or historical justification
While the world states again that the territories of Judea and Samaria are occupied territories, jurist Alan Baker and member of Judge Levy’s Committee, states that international law contradicts this statement: at most they are ‘disputed territories’ but occupied? This has no factual or legal basis.
Regev: The Zionist response to terror - sovereignty
During her visit to the Oz veGaon Nature Preserve, Minister Miri Regev stated that “Sovereignty is the Zionist response to terror, and even if there were no terror, we must implement sovereignty because the Land of Israel belongs to the People of Israel”.
Are we still discussing whether we need to have sovereignty? We need a psychiatrist…
Rav Eliahu Zini tries to understand how, after the People of Israel’s miraculous return to its Land, it is still discussing the question of sovereignty, which is such a simple question.
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